John Carter @ Green Island

April 12, 2013

World class windsurf photographer John Carter is on track to make Green Island Nationals one of his highlight destinations for 2013.



June 2013 Nationals

January 25, 2013

2013 Green Island Poster
June 24-28: Green Island, Queensland to be the site for Slalom, Freestyle and Freerace GPS Championships.

(website launching 10th Feb)


Sail Number Cull 2012-13

December 4, 2012

As mentioned on the AWA website, “If a number registrant fails to appear on the ‘AWA member list’ for 2 consecutive financial years (July-June), the number may be made available to someone else.”

Many numbers fell into that category @ 01/07/2012.
For further details on who’s affected and which numbers,
go to the AWA website

** The numbers that will expire on 01/07/2013 are also listed


Wavesailing Nationals 2012 – Report

October 30, 2012



Update on PFD legislation (SA)

September 15, 2012

Just a note to update WindsurfingSA members on progress on the PFD legislation.  Unfortunately for Harry (1st Seabreeze link), we now have clear evidence of the dangers of wearing the wrong PFD in the wrong circumstance.  A small group lead by Harry and including WSA and SAKSA  will be meeting with Transport SA at some date yet to be confirmed.  The consensus seems to be evolving towards seeking a change to the current (and new) Victorian legislation.  Their rules are:
– no PFD if within 400m of shore if wearing a wetsuit at least 3mm thick
– Type 1 or 2 PFD if more than 400 m from shore

Link to the following document if you want more info on the different legislations across the states.
PFD Legislation and Windsurfing in South Australia

Discussions on Seabreeze Forum:
* Windsurfer wearing pfd in surf suffers neck injury
* Changing the BS PFD Legislation

SA Govt:
* Marine safety equipment

Membership Applications/Renewals accepted at:
coming events also listed here

Windsurfing SA


Getting Fit

May 9, 2012

On may 7th, Sean O’Brien launched a Fitness Training eBook Program for windsurfing! For more information see http://www.getwindsurffit.com/


Keep Windsurfing in Olympics

May 9, 2012


You probably have already heard the bad news that Windsurfing was not selected by ISAF to be part of the 2016 Olympic Regatta in Rio

Believe me we are working on a plan to reverse this decision… In the meantime, we will not stand a chance without you taking action too.

Please click the following link and sign the petition


AND ask all your friends to do so

AND ask them to ask their friends

AND ask them to ask their friends

and so on until we have 100,000 signatures or more.

That is our first target and with your help we can do it.  There are other plans in the works which we are working on but if you do what I ask then you will have done your part… for now

I’ll get back to you with more as it happens


Rory Ramsden

RSX Class


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