Update on PFD legislation (SA)

September 15, 2012

Just a note to update WindsurfingSA members on progress on the PFD legislation.  Unfortunately for Harry (1st Seabreeze link), we now have clear evidence of the dangers of wearing the wrong PFD in the wrong circumstance.  A small group lead by Harry and including WSA and SAKSA  will be meeting with Transport SA at some date yet to be confirmed.  The consensus seems to be evolving towards seeking a change to the current (and new) Victorian legislation.  Their rules are:
– no PFD if within 400m of shore if wearing a wetsuit at least 3mm thick
– Type 1 or 2 PFD if more than 400 m from shore

Link to the following document if you want more info on the different legislations across the states.
PFD Legislation and Windsurfing in South Australia

Discussions on Seabreeze Forum:
* Windsurfer wearing pfd in surf suffers neck injury
* Changing the BS PFD Legislation

SA Govt:
* Marine safety equipment

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  1. Hi John,

    You mention Vic Pfd rules are for 400m. I believe this is incorrect. Do you have doc or link that states 400m?

    Best Regards, Stephen Coward President Windsurfing Victoria Inc

    Ph: 0412823934 Web: http://www.wv.org.au

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